Increase Your Productivity Without Going Crazy


If you find yourself drowning in a sea of emails, jumping from one project to the next, snapping at your colleagues, wondering what you really got done each day, then you’re experiencing high levels of work related stress.

My work focuses on the importance of bringing mindfulness into the workspace to increase employee well being as well as corporate productivity.

Most of us want to dive deeper and push ourselves harder when we feel stressed. If we push harder, do more, cross one more thing off the list, we'll feel better, right? Possibly, but not for long, because there’s always more to do.

Just a few minutes of mindfulness will help you push the pause button long enough to re-center when stress arises. I will show you ways to do this that will help you shake the impact of stress and move forward with much more effectiveness.

I started using the skills right away and felt their benefit immediately.
— Director of Operations, Oakland, CA

What We Work On



Stress Management

Deadline Pressure
Lack of Control
Performance Pressure


Reflective listening
Difficult Interactions
Conflict Management



Workload Overwhelm
Constant Interruptions
Technological Distractions

Emotional Intelligence

Managing Strong Emotions
Intentions and Values
Emotional Attunement


Getting Started


No company runs the same, but the process of change is similar. We will work together to build a program that addresses your unique strengths and opportunities for growth.



Assessment: What's the problem?

To understand your organizational strengths and challenges, we will explore stress levels, team dynamics, work efficiencies, and how they might be affecting business results.

This information will help me customize a program that builds on your unique organizational strengths and address your workplace issues.


Development: Create a custom program

Your custom mindfulness workshop provides employees with support, education, and concrete mindfulness skills to help them manage their stress and workload more effectively.To ensure the success of the program, we will track the results with weekly accountabilty check ins.


Results: Track and feedback

Weekly meetings will allow us to learn and practice skills, monitor progress, and share our new approaches to work. A post training assessment will help us understand it's impact on employee stress levels and productivity.



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