MindfulnessNow™ is a corporate mindfulness program founded and created by Ann Arora.

Our mission is to transform your ability to manage daily stress through mindfulness practices


Stress is a part of life - that's a fact. But reacting to stress in mindless ways doesn't have to be. Our goal is to help you become mind-FUL so you can recognize stress for what it is, and make conscious, productive choices that serve you best.

Numerous studies show that work related stress is the biggest source of stress for American adults.  Although stress is part of life, including our work-life, we can learn to manage it differently so we feel more satisfied and productive. 

Our programs are based on the principles of modern psychology and eastern philosophy, resulting in highly impactful and sustainable solutions. Helping employees develop a more intentional relationship to stress enhances your corporate culture by creating a workplace that is more enjoyable and productive for individuals, team dynamics, and the company as a whole.


Ann has a way of teaching that is very informative and concrete. She gave me the tools to make immediate changes.
— Director, WX Brands Inc.

About Ann

I am passionate about helping professional men and women understand what mindfulness is, and how to use it in their daily lives to manage stress, enhance performance, and improve communication.

This passion is rooted in personal experience, as I started my career at Kraft Foods, where I managed many Kraft brands including Light N Lively, Kraft Natural Cheese, Breakstone, Knudsen, and Kraft Parmesan Cheese.

I understand what it's like to feel enormous performance pressure day to day without the necessary tools to manage and cope. This experience informs my work with managers and executives every day.

Today I am a psychotherapist and a mindfulness teacher in San Francisco, CA. I love to integrate my past corporate experience with my knowledge of psychology and eastern philosophy to create programs that are helpful and highly impactful. I love my work because it's tremendously rewarding and I get to meet so many interesting, inspiring people.

When I'm not working you'll find me running the streets and hills of San Francisco, enjoying good food and wine with my family and friends, or traveling the world exploring different cultures.